Very Special Offer

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Hi, I am Sam and I am super-excited to offer you my tried and tested 6 week package designed specifically for FAT LOSS to help you DROP A DRESS SIZE and get the results that you have been striving for.

NO fad diets, just healthy eating and COMPLETE nutritional guidance and advice.

NO boring, clock watching gym sessions, just FUN one on one sessions to help you TONE and SCULPT your body.

NO more reading misinformed articles on the internet, just UNLIMITED ongoing support and accountability to keep you MOTIVATED.

I am so passionate about HELPING YOU get the results you need that I am limiting this opportunity to only 10 of those who are completely committed.

I am so confident in what I do that if for some reason you don’t achieve your goals by the end of your package, I will train you completely FREE until you do reach a body and a self-belief level that you can be truly proud of!

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Together let’s make 2017 the year to be PROUD of yourself, BODY CONFIDENT and completely HAPPY and HEALTHY

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Stay awesome,

Sam Hadfield
Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Expert