About me


Firstly, I’m about the most unphotogenic person every. Hence the holiday snap above!

Anyhoo, I really was thinking twice about revealing this story on my website…

It’s hard for me to talk about but I know that it’s going to help you so here goes…

I was at war with my body throughout most of my teens and twenties.

I’ve been extremely underweight (usually stress-related) and very overweight (usually stress-related, too!).

I was never underweight for very long, luckily, but whenever I was overweight, it would take ages and ages to lose it again.

Here are 3 embarrassing / upsetting events that happened to me when I was overweight:

1. I was a manager at a (popular fast food!) restaurant when I was 18. I’d been working there for 6 months, and with free meals every day, I had ballooned from about 7 stone when I started (due to a relationship ending) to… well, I don’t know because I refused to buy new clothes because I didn’t want to buy “that” size.

So anyway, one day I was at work wearing a size 10 pencil skirt that I’d bought a couple of months before. I bent down to pick something up off the floor and as I did, my skirt ripped up the the whole way up side at the seam. I froze. What the f?

I wanted to die and for the floor to swallow me up. But what could I do?

I stood up, holding my skirt together, walked through the huge kitchen, passed all the staff and into the office. I found the first aid box, took out all the safety pins and safety pinned my skirt up “Liz Hurley” style. I spent the rest of the shift like that. I was laughing it off the whole time as though it were the funniest thing in the world. It wasn’t.

2. I was working as a financial adviser at a popular high street bank and we were out for a night out (probably Christmas or something) in Covent Garden. It was a few years ago, back when those smock tops were really in fashion. Remember those?

Anyhow, I was wearing a smock top with a shrug (remember shrugs? What were we thinking?!) and as we were walking into Sway (generic bar/night club in the touristy part of Covent Garden with sticky tables and sticky floor), a bouncer stopped me and said,

“Do you really think you should be coming in here in your condition?”. He thought I was pregnant. And all my colleagues heard and laughed.

I don’t blame them. What would you do? I laughed it off, but I was mortified.

3. My then-boyfriend and I had just had lunch (2 pints and a huge burger and chips) at Henry J Beans on King’s Road in Chelsea. It was a beautiful sunny day and we decided to go shopping on Kensington Hight Street after lunch. I needed to pick up some new summery tops and things because we were going to Kos in a couple of weeks. (I couldn’t wait to have a break from my super-stressful job as a PA working for an economist!)

We trotted into H&M, I picked up a few things and trotted into the changing rooms. I was in a great mood because I’d had a lovely lunch and a couple of beers, the sun was shining and all was wonderful in the world!


I tried on the little summery things that I’d picked up. I looked like a huge elephant. What’s worse is that the changing rooms were awkward so I had to come out of the changing room to look at the mirror and when I did, there were all these pretty, slim girls trying on clothes and looking like super-models in everything they put on.

I looked at them, looked at my reflection, rushed to get changed and left the store in tears.

It ruined my day. Actually, it ruined our day. We just went straight home after that and I think I just sat on the sofa watching movies and feeling cr*ppy about myself. I didn’t want anyone to see me.

That was the final straw. It was after that that I finally got my act together, joined a gym, got my eating under control and lost weight.

But I found it really hard to keep the weight off once I had lost it.

It seemed like I’d only have to smell bread and I’d go up a few pounds.

And then, out of the blue, a personal trainer from my gym phoned me and offered me a free session.

I said yes and booked the next day. Before I had time to think or change my mind!

I dreaded that session all day the next day. But I forced myself to go.

It was the best thing I ever did. And it totally changed my life.

The trainer opened my eyes to a whole new way to train that didn’t involve the boring old cardio machines, that was faster, way more fun and actually quite addictive!

I signed up to become his client that day and a few weeks later, feeling so inspired and pretty envious of his amazing job, I signed up with a college to take my personal trainer qualifications.

And that set off a chain of events (which I’ll save for another day!) that led me to my current life as a Personal Trainer and Women’s Weight Loss Expert at Gymbox in Covent Garden.

And if you ever fancy a freebie session with me at Gymbox, just hit me up at sam@fitandflourish.co.uk and say “hell yeah”.

Stay awesome!

Sam x