Procrastinators, look away now. You’re not going to like this.

Yep, my 34FF bras…

So today is the day. The first “official” day of 2017.

The kids are back to school. Everyone is back from holidays. The leftover food and drink from Christmas is finally gone.

So today is the day that a lot of people will be starting their resolutions.

9 days into the new year and today is the day. Really?

Or will you find another excuse to start another day?

Because it seems to me that the people who have been waiting for the new year, waiting to finish the Christmas food, waiting for the kids to go back, waiting until after the trip to Thailand, waiting until back from skiing, waiting, waiting, waiting…

Will never get started. These people will always procrastinate. And come up with excuses to stay exactly the same and moan about it.

I get it. Losing weight, getting fit and getting healthy is a massive ball ache. How do I know? Because I’ve done it.

You have to remember, I’m the girl who split her skirt at work when she put on 3 dress sizes in 6 months,

I’m the girl who the bouncer at Sway told “you shouldn’t be coming in in your condition” (I was just fat, not pregnant) and

I’m the girl who spent years wearing the clothes that would hide my shape rather than the clothes I actually liked.

I know what it’s like to look in your wardrobe and see a stack of clothes and nothing to wear. Because either it doesn’t fit, or if it does, it looks awful.

I know what it’s like to be “the fat one”. The difference between me and the people who wait 9 days to start their New Year’s resolutions?

I stopped procrastinating.

I hired a coach, had my butt kicked and got in shape, I learned to eat right, I lost a ton (or 3 stone) of weight and kept it off for the past 7 years. I have been at my happy weight for 7 years. I ditched the smock tops, the loose long cardies, and my….

wait for it…

34FF bras. (Actually I kept them because they’re quite funny. They’re like hats!)

(And then I ditched a career in finance for a career in fitness and the rest is history.)

My point is, please please please stop procrastinating. Please don’t let another year go by. Please don’t let’s be having the exact same conversation this time next year.

If I can do it, considering I was one of those people who loathed the gym, loathed fit people, had never burpeed in my life prior to 2013, then absolutely anyone can do it.

Trust me!

Ok? So email me now and let’s arrange a chat on the phone about how I can help you. I don’t bite. I just rant!

Stay awesome!

Sam X

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