Poop Sandwich Coming Right Up

I have some bad news. So I’m going to sandwich that bad news in between two pieces of good news and create something I like to call the Poop Sandwich.

Here goes:

Fit & Flourish, i.e. Moi, has relocated to Gymbox in Covent Garden. Whoop! You probably know that because I’ve been going on about it. A LOT.

I had my first day there yesterday and OMG it’s awesome!

So many toys, so many little corridors, spaces, a hanging studio (try and picture that!), an absolute playground that we are going to have the best fun in.

My clients are all excited to be moving over there with me when their memberships at Jubilee Hall end this month. (Because, of course, they are ALL following me to the new place. ((Head swells))

And from now on, if you join my awesome little programme (12 Week Total Body Transformation – Drop 2 dress sizes in 12 weeks, guaranteed or your money back) you will be working with me at Gymbox.

Double whoop!

I have been offering my taster sessions and consultations for free lately, but unfortunately, that needs to end soon.

(Poop alert)

Taster sessions and consultations will be £20 from 3rd Jan. Why?

Simply because Gymbox do not give free day passes to visitors. Why? To keep the numbers down.

I think that’s awesome.

So rather than these jam-packed budget gyms where everyone’s queuing for equipment, there will always be room to move at Gymbox.

There will always be the equipment we want to use.

There will always be hot water in the showers.

There will never be queues.

Worth £20? If you’ve ever been to a budget gym, I’m sure you’ll say “hell yeah”!

Its also incredible value because they have tons of super-fun classes and stuff and you can make a day of it after having your session with moi.

AND they take the £20 off your first month’s membership if you join. Which you would need to if you wanted to work with me.

So its still an awesome deal. Especially because most central London trainers charge around £99 for a taster session and consultation.

So anyhoo, it means that having taster sessions and consultations with me for £0 is soon to become a thing of the past because you will need to pay Gymbox £20 for your day pass.

(Back to fun bit of the sandwich)

But you still have time. I’m still paying rent to Jubilee Hall until end of December, so I can run taster sessions and consultation sessions there for free right up until the end of the year.

Whadya think? Want to take advantage of one of the last remaining TOTALLY FREE slots between now and the end of the year.

I’ll give you a health and fitness “MOT”, take you through a workout and teach you the most effective exercises to keep your body burning fat for 2-3 days after every workout, teach you exactly what to eat to rev up your metabolism and get your body burning fat even when you’re sitting on your butt watching Netflix, and give you a plan of action. I’ll of course run through my packages and prices and if you fancy signing up, great. If not, all I’ll ask is that you go away and tell 3 of your friends about your experience. That’s it.

Wanna do it?

Email me at sam@fitandflourish.co.uk now and say “hell yeah”.

Hope you enjoyed your poop sandwich!

Stay awesome!

Sam x

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