Seriously, will you just let it go?

I img_3396have a little surprise for you…

…But first…

Do you ever have those conversations that start out with you being the expert on a particular topic and then slowly you realise that you are in fact WRONG?

What do you do?

Do you try to engineer the conversation so that you’re still right?

Do you try to change the subject before the other person realises you’re wrong?

Do you stick with your story regardless because you’re darn well not going to lose?

I have done all 3.

Sometimes I know I’m doing it like yesterday when I tried to convince Dominic that it would only take 45minutes to walk to Blackheath from Catford.

Because I really wanted to walk and I was trying to sell him the idea…!

(He thought I was lying, google mapped it, found out it took and hour and 15 and agreed to walk anyway. Sort of a win!)

But that’s it! Why do we constantly feel the need to win? To be right? To have the last word?

What does it really matter?

Imagine how it would feel if you didn’t have the constant urge to be right.

Imagine how many less arguments and battles you’d have?

That idiot at work? Well, you spend so much time and energy and time and energy and more time trying to win against that twerp that you end up dropping the ball elsewhere.

What’s the point?

So, after 3 mini-rows with Dominic yesterday, which were all elongated unnecessarily by my need to be right,

And then listening to my favourite podcast this morning where the guy gave a whole long talk about letting go of the need to be right,

I’ve decided to make it my New Years resolution (but I’ll start today!) to let go of my need to always be right.

Will you do that too? Can you imagine how freeing that will be?

Well, Dominic will believe it when he sees it!

In other news, I filled 8 of my 10 spaces for freebie sessions on Friday.

I’m giving away 10free personal training sessions with me at Gymbox in Covent Garden to be used between now and 31st Dec.

Why? Because I move into Gymbox on Thursday and I want to familiarise myself with the space and equipment and practice my brand new tummy-blasting techniques for my clients that will flatten their tummies in 2 weeks.

Perfect for just before the New Years bash!

So if you would like to book a totally free personal training session with me, email me now at and say “hell yeah”.

Just 2 spaces left so be swift!

Stay awesome!

Sam x

P.S. If you are free on Thursday night and would like free prosecco, a fab little Aveda goody bag, a £15 Aveda gift voucher and to take part in my special end of year Transformation Seminar, I have 5 spaces left and you an snap up a ticket here:

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